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Programming & Animating

From Scripting to Storytelling: Roblox Studio Programming & Animation Course


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Learn the fundamentalsof scripting, delve into crafting combat scripts for swords and beams, and unleash your creativity in game development


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Unleash your creativity through animation in Roblox Studio! Dive into character movements, special effects and more, mastering the techniques.

2 in 1

cost reduction

With our 2-in-1 bundle! From mastering programming to crafting captivating animations, this bundle will combine both to complete the entire projects.

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Your Comprehensive Learning Resource

Access a wealth of instructional videos covering most of the aspects of Roblox Studio



Explore our collection of 27 Roblox programming videos, covering everything you need to know to excel in game development.



Dive into our extensive library of 40 Roblox animation videos, providing in depth tutorials to enhance your skills in bringing virtual worlds to life.



Experience the ultimate Roblox Studio package with our 2-in-1 bundle! Learning programming and animation techniques together.

Roblox Studio Features Overview

Discover the essential features of Roblox Studio that empower creators to bring their virtual worlds to life.

Programming Mastery in Roblox Studio

Embark on a journey through Roblox Studio's programming landscape, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, unleashing boundless creativity along the way.


Animation Techniques in Roblox Studio

Master the techniques for R15 rigs, From beginner fundamentals to advanced maneuvers.

Unlocking the Benefits of Roblox Studio

Intuitive tools, robust scripting, and a vibrant community, all tailored to empower you in crafting immersive virtual experiences.

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